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How do I get my international transcript evaluated?
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Your transcripts do not need to be evaluated by a credential evaluation service. We are familiar with all educational systems and will evaluate your credentials here. We need to receive your transcripts as they are issued by your school/college in their original grading system (including English translations). Your grades should not be converted to a U.S. grade point average (GPA).  We will evaluate the classes you have taken and the grades you received in those classes, rather than using an overall GPA to assess academic achievement. 

Cornell accepts official documents only. All transcripts must be translated into English and should be sent to Cornell online by the applicant’s school official. If online submission is not possible, the school official should mail the translated transcript(s) to:


Undergraduate Admissions Office 
Cornell University
410 Thurston Avenue
Ithaca, NY 14850


Transcripts should reflect subjects studied each year and the marks received. Students who have attended more than one high school should request a separate transcript from each school. Admitted students who plan to enroll must arrange for all of their final grades to be sent directly to Cornell from their school(s) as well.  


The Undergraduate Admissions Office at Cornell University conducts audits to verify the authenticity of final transcripts for a random sampling of entering students. Students may be contacted directly to verify transcript authenticity when audits are conducted.


Please be sure to review the How to Apply: First-Year International Applicants for more information about Cornell’s requirements. 

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