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How do I view my Financial Aid decision?

If you have been notified that your financial aid decision is available for online viewing, you can access that information here: [][1]. [1]:

How do I read my financial aid award letter?

**Understanding the Financial Aid Award** The financial aid award is divided into three components: The cost of attendance, the expected family contribution, and the awarded financial aid. Not all anticipated expenses are charged to the bursar bill, and not all financial aid components are credited to the bursar bill…

Can I appeal my financial aid offer?

Cornell University releases financial aid offers that best reflect the information submitted in the financial aid application. If the information you provided in your financial aid application has changed or if the information was submitted incorrectly, you may submit an appeal. Please be prepared to provide documenta…

How and when will I receive my financial aid?

Please see the information below to review answers based on your area of study at Cornell University. **Undergraduate** Students applying on time will receive their aid notification according to the notification timeline posted on our website’s [homepage][1]. Notifications are sent via email to students when their a…

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