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How much loan am I eligible for?

**Undergraduate Students** Loan eligibility varies based on class year, the amount of loan that is already in your financial aid award, and any additional educational expenses that you have incurred. Please visit the [Loans section of the Financial Aid website][1] to learn more. **Graduate Students** Learn about g…

What can I do if I don’t earn all of my student contribution?

The student contribution is a combination of a Summer Savings Expectation (SSE) and a Student Contribution from Assets (SCA). The SSE is the amount Cornell expects you to contribute from working during the summer before the academic year. If you're unable to save the expected summer earnings, you may request a loan to…

How do I accept or decline a loan?

**Accepting or Declining a Loan** The student may have been awarded a loan as part of meeting his or her financial need, or the student may have requested a loan via the FAFSA and loan request form. Subsidized loan eligibility is based on federal financial need. To accept a loan, the first time borrower's must sign a…

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