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What is the New York State Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Incentive Program?

Undergraduate students who are New York State residents enrolled in STEM fields in one of Cornell University’s two participating New York State contract colleges (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Human Ecology) are eligible to participate in the NYS STEM Incentive Program. Recipients shall rece…

What is the HESC code for Cornell?

Cornell's HESC codes correspond to our endowed and state undergraduate colleges. Please use the correct code when completing HESC applications. * HESC Endowed code: 0175 is the code for the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, and the Nolan School of Hote…

How do I apply for TAP?

TAP is an income-based grant for undergraduate New York State residents. It is administered by the [NYS Higher Education Services Corporation][1] (HESC). You can link to the online TAP application by clicking the link to apply for state aid at the end of filing your FAFSA, or you can apply [here][2]. If you don’t appl…

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