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How do I view my Financial Aid decision?

If you have been notified that your financial aid decision is available for online viewing, you can access that information here: [][1]. [1]:

What do you use the FAFSA for?

The FAFSA is used to confirm eligibility for sources of Federal Aid: * Federal Pell Grant * Federal Work Study * Federal Direct Subsidized * Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan * Parent PLUS Loan

Do you have financial aid video tutorials?

We do! You can visit [this webpage][1] to see a variety of video tutorials to help you at whatever stage you are in the process. [1]:

What is a budget increase?

Sometimes the student's actual expenses exceed Cornell’s budgeted [cost to attend][1]. When this happens, a budget increase is necessary. The total cost of attendance can be increased to include additional educational costs, allowing eligibility for more loan or work funding. If the student's Cornell Grant funding was…

How much will my books cost?

Information about the cost of attendance, including estimated costs for books and supplies, can be found on Cornell's [Financial Aid][1] website. [1]:

What is an FSA ID?

An FSA ID is a username and password used to access certain U.S. Department of Education websites, confirm your identity when accessing financial aid information, and electronically sign federal student aid documents, such as the FAFSA. More information about the FSA ID can be found [here][1]. [1]: https://studen…

What are some important things to remember about financial aid at Cornell?

There are no merit aid or athletic scholarships awarded at Cornell. Cornell works hard to remain consistent in the way we consider your financial circumstances from year to year. If your family's financial circumstances remain relatively unchanged throughout your time at Cornell, you can expect a predictable financia…

How much are housing and dining plans?

Living on campus means being part of a friendly, diverse community, full of experiences and opportunities that expand far beyond your residence. This is one reason why nearly all first-year undergraduate students live in on-campus housing, and more than 800 graduate and professional students and their families choose …

What is a Student Contribution?

Cornell expects students to save money during the summer to go toward their academic year expenses. This is a standard amount based on class year. If the student contribution is higher than our standard Summer Savings Expectation ($2,700 for an incoming first year student), it is because we also take students' assets …

What can I do if I don’t earn all of my student contribution?

The student contribution is a combination of a Summer Savings Expectation (SSE) and a Student Contribution from Assets (SCA). The SSE is the amount Cornell expects you to contribute from working during the summer before the academic year. If you're unable to save the expected summer earnings, you may request a loan to…

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