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What is IDOC?

[College Board's IDOC service][1] processes aid application materials. Aid applicants will receive an email from IDOC with detailed instructions. All application documents should be submitted to IDOC, preferably through their online upload. Applicants can check the IDOC website for status updates and additional inform…

As an international applicant, can I submit photocopies of my transcripts?

Cornell accepts official documents **only**. All transcripts should be translated into English and sent to Cornell online _by the applicant’s school official_. If online submission is not possible, the school official should mail the translated transcript(s) to: **Undergraduate Admissions Office ** Cornell Universi…

Do I submit copies of my documents or originals?

Cornell requires applicants to submit official documents only. High school and college transcripts must come directly from the student's school(s). In addition, enrolling students must have their final high school grades sent directly from their high school to Cornell before matriculating. Please note that the Underg…

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