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Does the credit I received by examination at my previous college or university transfer?

Credit awarded by another institution solely on the basis of departmental examination (instead of course participation) will not be awarded as transfer credit at Cornell. Equivalent courses from any accredited college or university will transfer to Cornell provided the student has received a final grade of 'C' or bett…

What if I am missing one (or more) of the prerequisite courses listed for transfer by Cornell?

Transfer applicants whose current curriculum is most closely aligned with what is taught at Cornell are typically best-prepared for transfer, and are the most likely to be admitted (if they have performed well in the coursework). Missing coursework is handled on a case-by-case basis.

What courses are required to be able to transfer into CALS?

To prepare for studying within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, each academic major has key foundation courses that competitive transfer candidates need to complete or have in progress at the time of their application. View the required coursework on the [Transfer Applicant][1] webpage. [1]: https://c…

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