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Is the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management a New York State Contract College?

Yes. The Dyson School is anchored in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, but still maintains a foothold in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Students in the Dyson School will have academic opportunities within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and New York State Residents will pay [in-s…

What does it mean that the College of Human Ecology is a “contract college” and how does that status affect applicants and Human Ecology students?

The College of Human Ecology, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and the College of Veterinary Medicine have a unique relationship with New York State. As part of their mission, these units conduct education, research, and outreach services that are linked to th…

Is Cornell a public or private institution?

Cornell is unique: Although it's an Ivy League university, chartered as a private institution, it includes undergraduate colleges and schools that receive some funding from New York State. They are sometimes called state contract colleges. The state subsidy results in lower tuition for students who have New York State…

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