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Are course descriptions a required part of the Engineering transfer application?

The content and rigor of the college-level courses a student has taken, or is currently taking, is critical to their ability to transition seamlessly into Cornell Engineering programs. For this reason, ALL prospective transfer applicants MUST submit course descriptions for each college-level course they have taken, or…

What do Engineering faculty members look for when reviewing transfer applications?

Although the faculty consider many things when reviewing transfer applications for their respective departments, they focus primarily on the content and rigor of the college-level courses that a student has completed (or is completing), and how well the student has performed academically. At a minimum, transfer applic…

What is the minimum high school GPA required to be admitted to the College of Engineering?

Admitted Engineering students have generally excelled in their high school studies, particularly in math and the sciences, and have grades that are generally in the A range. Most of the students admitted into the College of Engineering are within the top 5 to 10% of their high school graduating class. When considering…

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