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What can students do after graduating from the urban and regional studies program?

Popular minors and concurrent degree options for Urban and Regional Studies (URS) students include Engineering, Business, Computer Science, Landscape Architecture, Government, etc. URS graduates have gone on to law school, medical school, graduate programs in planning and design - but as many students go right into th…

What careers do students go on to after graduating the College of Human Ecology?

The College of Human Ecology education lends itself to a range of [career directions][1], including those that have yet to be created. Our students are well prepared to enter the global job market, pursue graduate study, and engage in community development. The paths our graduates choose are diverse, but they are link…

Does Cornell have a Career Center?

There is great support in place at Cornell to help students reach graduation and provide opportunities to be successful after graduation. [Cornell Career Services (CCS)][1] provides a range of services to help students identify their skills, explore career options, and gain workplace experience. CCS also provides assi…

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