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What will I study at ILR?
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Through its five departments, ILR examines the full range of people and policy issues that affect organizations, including leadership, workers’ rights, conflict resolution, business strategy, globalization, inequality and poverty, and more. The ILR School explores how individuals and organizations deal with these and many other challenging issues of the workplace and the world. Our classes help students develop the skills required to negotiate effectively in the courtroom and the board room, to analyze corporate and public policies, to lead teams and organizations, and to understand the influence of social and political movements on the laws, business practices, and institutions that define our economy and society. 


The ILR curriculum provides a balance of structure and flexibility. Foundation courses in management, economics, psychology, history, law, government and statistics provide a comprehensive view of the issues that impact workers and the workplace. Elective courses in ILR, or across the university, allow students to pursue specific academic and career interests.

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