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How are the workload and stress levels at Cornell?
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Cornell students work hard and our faculty have high expectations. While the workload is substantial, there are many programs here to support students' academic goals, personal development, and well-being. Two of the resources available to the first-year community are the Tatkon Center and the Learning Strategies Center. Both intellectual, support, and resource centers offer programs to help ease the transition to Cornell and inspire students. Participating students can take advantage of the Walk-in Writing Service or Study Skill Workshops, find drop-in counseling services, take a fun study break (with dogs!), connect with a student mentor, and much more. 


Here are a few words about the workload from one of our students:  

"The academics here are definitely challenging; however, the environment is not cut-throat. There really is a sense of camaraderie, even among some of the more traditionally competitive classes such as the sciences. Students really have a sense that 'we're all in this together,' and they act accordingly. Classes can be hard, and we want to help each other get through them. Students are not at all absorbed in trying to do better than everyone else."

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