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Is there a separate application process for adult students and veterans?

Adult students and veterans don’t apply for undergraduate admission through a separate pathway at Cornell. Depending on their academic history, they follow the traditional pathway for [first-year][1] (never matriculated at a college and earned fewer than 12 credits after high school) or [transfer][2] applicants. We re…

Does Cornell offer credits for military training?

While all potential transfer credits are independently evaluated by the undergraduate college/school that offers a student admission, Cornell is not typically able to award credits for military training experiences.

Does Cornell participate in the Yellow Ribbon program?

The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Improvement Act of 2010. Cornell University participates in the Yellow Ribbon program for an unlimited number of eligible undergraduate students, and a limited number of eligible graduate and professional…

What resources does Cornell offer for veterans?

Cornell has a strong military/veteran community and offers a variety of resources specifically for veterans and students currently serving in the military, including: * a full-time [Student Veterans Advisor][1] * a dedicated [Veteran Admissions][2] representative to answer questions and provide support for prospe…

Does Cornell offer a fee waiver for veterans?

Cornell provides application fee waivers for veterans and current members of the military upon request. Please email [[email protected]][1] to request an application fee waiver. Note—do not pay the application fee if requesting a waiver, as the fee is non-refundable. [1]: mailto:[email protected]

May I use Veteran Education Benefits?

Veterans can apply for Federal Student Aid and Cornell institutional grant aid in conjunction with VA benefits. Seeing a complete picture of aid options helps students make an informed decision on how to best utilize VA benefits as part of college financing. Cornell University does not require eligible students to us…

If I’ve been out of school for a while, do I have to submit teacher recommendations/academic evaluations?

Applicants who do not have recent teachers, instructors, or professors to write their recommendations are advised to have supervisors, mentors, and/or coaches write on their behalf. Current or former members of the military can utilize a recommendation from an appropriate member of their chain of command for this purp…

What is the admissions process of non-traditional students?

All applicants for matriculated undergraduate study at Cornell are categorized as either [first-year applicants][1] or [transfer][2] applicants. We do not have a separate process through which non-traditional students apply for admission. Students should submit their application using the [Common Application (CA)][3]…

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