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What are the College of Arts and Sciences admissions requirements?

In addition to the  Common Application , complete applications must include: * Official Secondary/High School Transcript followed by a Mid-Year Report when it becomes available * Counselor Recommendation and School Report * Two Teacher Evaluations * Cornell Writing Supplement * $80 application fee or fee waiv…

Does Cornell University require Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores?

Applicants to Cornell University are not required to submit Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores. Students who have taken AP exams and wish to submit their scores are welcome to do so. Students may use credit they receive from AP exams to satisfy degree requirements only as specified by the individual college or scho…

Are first quarter grades required for early decision applicants to Cornell University?

As an early decision applicant, first quarter grades and the Midyear Report are not required and will not appear on your application checklist. Once your first quarter and/or midyear grades are available, you are welcome to ask your school counselor to submit them to Cornell. Although not required, they may be helpfu…

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