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What is the curriculum like at CALS?

At CALS, students enjoy being able to dive right into their majors, which they have identified as academic areas they are excited to begin exploring and making connections in right away. At the same time, CALS builds in flexibility, requiring that only 55 of 120 credits to be taken in CALS and typically about 1/3 of c…

Are there mandatory classes?

The Cornell curriculum is flexible and students can fine tune their schedules to have the educational experiences they are looking for. That said, each of the undergraduate colleges and schools has its own academic requirements. In addition, **all** first-year students participate in Cornell’s award-winning [First-Yea…

What high school courses are required?

A basic preparation for college work includes the following high school courses: * 4 years of English * 3 years of mathematics * 3 years of science (at least 2 lab sciences) * 3 years of a foreign language * 3 years of social science (history, social studies) It's likely that this basic schedule is suggest…

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