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How will I get internships to fulfill the required practice credit?

Our [career management][1] advisors assist current students in finding internship opportunities. Our [alumni network][2] of over 13,000 members across the world is one of the best resources students can use to find part- time or full-time positions. Many students choose to work in the [Statler Hotel][3] on campus. …

Does Cornell have a Career Center?

There is great support in place at Cornell to help students reach graduation and provide opportunities to be successful after graduation. [Cornell Career Services (CCS)][1] provides a range of services to help students identify their skills, explore career options, and gain workplace experience. CCS also provides assi…

Does Cornell offer a Study Abroad program?

Cornell University has always had a [global outlook][1], and we offer programs for [study abroad][2] and international experiential learning in over 40 countries. Students may choose to study abroad at a university, conduct research or fieldwork, engage in service learning, or participate in an internship. In addition…

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