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Does Cornell offer a fee waiver for veterans?

Cornell provides application fee waivers for veterans and current members of the military upon request. Please email [[email protected]][1] to request an application fee waiver. Note—do not pay the application fee if requesting a waiver, as the fee is non-refundable. [1]: mailto:[email protected]

Can I still apply as an international student if I don’t meet all the admissions requirements?

At Cornell CALS, we read applications based on where you have attended school – so your application will be reviewed within the context of the school/curriculum/country where you are a student. While we list admissions requirements by major to share with students the foundational courses that the most prepared candida…

What does CALS look for in a first-year applicant?

We conduct a holistic admissions process for all applicants. During our review, we are considering whether candidates have the academic backgrounds (rigor, coursework and grades) to be successful at Cornell CALS; whether the personal attributes and extracurricular experiences shared demonstrate a solid connection with…

Do I need to submit standardized test scores?

Cornell CALS will be score-free for the 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 Application Cycles. We _will not_ use test results as part of our admissions review. Instead, we will proceed with an increased emphasis on evidence of academic preparation in the other application materials for all applicants.

If calculus is not offered at my high school, will this hurt my chances of being admitted to the College of Engineering?

Cornell Engineering requires one calculus course as a component of the engineering application because our engineering curriculum is fundamentally driven by facility in calculus. Any applicant choosing to apply to Cornell Engineering without meeting this requirement would be placed at a substantial disadvantage relati…

Does the College of Engineering award credit for college classes taken during high school?

Transfer credit for college courses taken before high school graduation may be awarded if ALL of the following criteria are met: * Students must have received at least a grade of C (not C–) in the course, and the subject matter must be applicable to the Engineering curriculum at Cornell. * The Engineering Registr…

What science and math courses are prospective Engineering students expected to take in high school?

To be a competitive engineering applicant, we ask students to complete a minimum of four units of math (including one unit of calculus), one unit of physics, one unit of chemistry, and one unit of biology. One unit is typically a high school year-long class (or equivalent). Calculus is extremely important given the e…

Do I have to apply to a particular major in Engineering? If so, what if I change my mind later?

First-year applicants apply to the College of Engineering and not to a particular engineering major. Students may indicate an intended major of interest on the Common Application if they wish, but they will not officially select a major until the second semester of their sophomore year.

What is the minimum high school GPA required to be admitted to the College of Engineering?

Admitted Engineering students have generally excelled in their high school studies, particularly in math and sciences, and have grades that are generally in the A range. Most of the students admitted into the College of Engineering are within the top 10% of their high school graduating class. When considering a studen…

What are the minimum SAT/ACT scores required to be admitted to the College of Engineering?

It is very important to note that the submission of SAT and/or ACT scores is optional for the 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 application review periods. You may review Cornell’s [Standardized Testing Policies website][1] for more information. For now, this is a temporary relief intended for students who had been assembli…

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