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How can I learn more about the Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy?

Colleen Barry, the Inaugural Dean of the Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy, described Cornell’s new undergraduate school this way: “The Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy brings together scholars across disciplines to tackle the biggest public policy challenges we face as a society, both in the U.S. and globall…

Can you pursue pre-business at the College of Human Ecology?

Yes, pursuing [pre-business][1] through the College of Human Ecology emphasizes: * Analytical and decision making skills * The interface of human behavior, science, technology, and the application of creativity to facilitate innovation * The ability to see possibilities and to develop solutions without losing s…

Can I use the SUNY application to apply to the College of Human Ecology?

No, we do not accept the SUNY application. Students must apply using the [Common Application][1]. Please visit [][2] for more information. [1]: [2]:

How will the newly created School of Public Policy impact my interest in the Policy Analysis and Management or the Health Care Policy majors?

Applicants for the Fall 2022 admissions cycle will use the Common Application to apply to the College of Human Ecology and identify Policy Analysis and Management or Health Care Policy as their choice of major. These programs will remain affiliated with the College of Human Ecology while being administered by the Scho…

Can I submit artwork as a part of my application if I am not applying to a design major?

Students who are not required to submit a portfolio can choose to submit a few select pieces that they are most proud of to upload via the supplemental materials portal when they receive access to it. Applicants should know that these pieces will not be formally evaluated by the department. Use of the portal is limit…

How do I apply to the College of Human Ecology?

Cornell requires students to submit their applications using the [Common Application (CA][1][)][2]. Visit [][3] for more information. **First-year Students** Please review the First-Year [applicant checklist][4], [admissions requirements][5], and our [application tips][6] for information on how…

What degree do Human Ecology students graduate with?

Students who graduate from the College of Human Ecology earn a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

What if I am having trouble with Slideroom?

After carefully reviewing the instructions for [submitting a design supplement][1] via the Slideroom platform, students who experience difficulties uploading/submitting their supplemental materials should contact [Slideroom][2] directly. Please note, design supplements are only required for the following majors: *…

How many Human Ecology students apply Early Decision?

The number of applicants for early decision changes each year, and we are unable to predict the number of applications we will receive. On average, a third of our enrolling first-year students are admitted through Early Decision.

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