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How do I decide which college or school at Cornell would be best for me?
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Cornell is home to several undergraduate colleges and schools, each with its own faculty, academic requirements, and programs. We encourage applicants to explore each to see where they fit best. The best way for students to get started is to relate their academic strengths and interests to the degree requirements of the various colleges and schools and the types of majors and courses they offer. The Courses of Study website shows degree requirements for each college and school. Sometimes prospective applicants can make reasonable choices by having clearly defined career objectives, but even when such goals are known, the graduation requirements of what appears to be the appropriate program should closely match an applicant's academic interests and strengths.


Applicants are also encouraged to read Cornell publications; to talk with our alumni, current students, and members of our staff; to use the virtual visit website as a resource; and to learn as much as possible to help decide which Cornell college or school would be the best match. In addition, please understand that admitted students aren't "stuck" with their choice of a college/school after they enroll at Cornell. Our elective system allows Cornell undergraduates to sample courses in the other colleges and schools, and about 10 percent of Cornell students transfer each year to a different college or school at Cornell.

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