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Does the College of Arts and Sciences require an interview?

No. The College of Arts and Sciences does not require, nor offer, on campus interviews. Due to the high volume of applications we receive each year, we are unable to extend an interview to every candidate and thus, in the interest of fairness and equity, interviews are not part of our Admissions process. First-year a…

Does CALS offer admissions interviews?

While we do not offer interviews as part of the admissions process, we are happy to assist you. Please don't hesitate to follow up with your questions by email! That being said, the Cornell Alumni Ambassador Network offers informal, informational conversations with alumni, which you may request through your applicatio…

Does Cornell require personal interviews?

Personal interviews are not required (or available) for admission to any of Cornell's undergraduate level programs except for the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP). This college requires a personal interview for any student applying to their Architecture program. Applicants to the Department of Art or U…

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