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I am unable to visit campus. What is the best way to learn about the College of Arts and Sciences?

Please note that Cornell does not track demonstrated interest. We invite you to learn about The College of Arts & Sciences virtually by researching [our website][1] and [academic departments][2], [watching our 4-part virtual information session][3], [meeting some of our most recent graduates][4], and [exploring our cu…

How can I meet with an admissions counselor from the College of Arts and Sciences if I visit?

To preserve the impartiality of the admissions process, Arts & Sciences Admissions does not schedule appointments or meet individually with prospective students, families, or advocates visiting campus. Please note that Cornell does not track demonstrated interest.

How can I join the Humanities Scholars Program?

Students in the [Humanities Scholars Program][1] undertake their own independent, interdisciplinary undergraduate research in a range of humanities disciplines, supported by a series of curated courses, structured mentorship, special programming, research opportunities and funding. They produce an honors thesis or cap…

What do graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences do?

A survey of College of Arts & Sciences students in the Class of 2020 found that 57% of graduates are employed, 33% are attending graduate school, 5% are seeking employment, and 4% are traveling/volunteering/preparing for graduate school. Top employment sectors for our graduates include Financial Services (20%), Techno…

How do I apply to the College of Arts and Sciences?

Cornell requires the [Common Application (CA)][1]. Please review the [First- Year Application Checklist][2] or [Transfer Application Checklist][3] for the full list of our requirements. [1]: [2]: [3]: ht…

What degree(s) does the College of Arts and Sciences offer?

Regardless of major, the College of Arts & Sciences grants one degree: the A.B. A.B. is the abbreviation of the Latin name for the degree “_artium baccalarius_,” or translated into English, B.A., “Bachelor of Arts.”

Does the College of Arts and Sciences require SAT or ACT standardized testing?

No. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led Cornell University to continue its suspension of the SAT/ACT testing requirement for applicants seeking to enroll as first-years beginning in August 2022 (Class of 2025). For the College of Arts & Sciences, the submission of SAT/ACT test results is optional for both Early Deci…

Does the College of Arts and Sciences have a core curriculum?

No, the flexibility of the Arts & Sciences curriculum encourages students to explore their interests broadly so there are no required courses in the College of Arts & Sciences. Instead our faculty have outlined [ten broad distribution requirements][1] in key areas such as Global Citizenship, Social Difference, and Sta…

What is the foreign language requirement for applicants to the College of Arts and Sciences?

Applicants to the College of Arts & Sciences are required to have three units of one foreign language. For heritage speakers or students who have initiated a foreign language sequence before high school, completion of at least the third level (e.g. Spanish 3) is required.

How can I study at the Cornell Tech campus in New York City?

The [Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity][1] is a selective track within Cornell’s College of Arts & Sciences that combines an outstanding liberal arts and sciences education from Cornell University in Ithaca during the academic year with the option to partake in the innovation and vibrant environment of Cornell…

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