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As a student in the College of Arts and Sciences can I double major in one of the other colleges at Cornell?

Majors are college specific, so although many students double major _within_ the College, it is not possible to pursue a major in another college. However, most minors offered by Cornell's other colleges can be completed by Arts & Sciences students.

Can I double major?

Cornell offers nearly [80 majors][1] and more than 120 minors. For students whose interests don't fit neatly into a preexisting major, there’s even an opportunity to design an independent course of study or to double major. Each of the [undergraduate colleges and schools][2] at Cornell has its own academic opportuniti…

Can you double major in two colleges?

Students can only double major within the college they attend, so it is not possible to double major in two academic programs that are offered in different colleges/schools at Cornell University. It is important to know that students can minor or take classes across colleges at Cornell. Please also note, that when you…

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