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Is Cornell a two-year or four-year institution?

Cornell University is a four-year institution offering nearly 80 majors , 100 academic departments, and more than 4,000 courses of study. Cornell is both a privately endowed research university and the federal land-grant institution in New York State. We have a responsibility - unique within the Ivy League - to make…

Will my application be considered differently depending on whether I attend a public or a private high school?

Cornell looks for students who have taken the greatest advantage of opportunities available to them within the context of their school, public  or  private. Although we recognize that some schools have more academic and extracurricular offerings than others, we feel it is most fair to compare students who are given t…

Is Cornell a public or private institution?

Cornell is unique: Although it's an Ivy League university, chartered as a private institution, it includes undergraduate colleges and schools that receive some funding from New York State. They are sometimes called state contract colleges. The state subsidy results in lower tuition for students who have New York Stat…

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