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I applied for admission to Cornell University, and I did not submit SAT or ACT scores at that time. Now I’ve decided that I would like to submit my test scores. How should I do so?

Cornell University has [extended its suspension of SAT/ACT requirements for 2024 applicants][1]. If you do not submit your scores at the time you apply for admission, but later decide that you would like to submit scores, you are welcome to do so. The best way to submit SAT or ACT scores after applying is via the supp…

Does Cornell University require Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores?

Applicants to Cornell University are not required to submit Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores. Students who have taken AP exams and wish to submit their scores are welcome to do so. Students may use credit they receive from AP exams to satisfy degree requirements only as specified by the individual college or schoo…

Does Cornell University require the SAT or ACT?

Cornell University has suspended the SAT/ACT requirement for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 applicants. For students considering applying to Cornell for fall 2025 and beyond, we'll share more information in the spring of 2024. Please visit the [Standardized Testing Policy][1] website to learn more. The [How to Apply][2] w…

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