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I don't think I want to work in hospitality. Is the Nolan School still right for me?

The [top employers][1] for the Nolan School class of 2022 include Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey and Company. But our Career Management office also has deep relationships with Hilton and Marriott International. In fact, 32% of our 2022 Nolan grads are working in real estate and 28% have entered financial …

Do applicants who are direct descendants of Cornell University graduates have a better chance of admission?

Some applicants have a parent (or parents) who graduated from Cornell University. In general, when two students with similar, strong credentials apply to Cornell, the applicant who is a direct descendant of a Cornell University alumna/alumnus may have a slight advantage in the admissions process. Please be sure to rev…

Does Cornell require personal interviews?

Personal interviews are not required (or available) for admission to any of Cornell's undergraduate level programs. While not evaluative interviews, first-year applicants to any Cornell college or school may request an informational meeting with an alumni admissions ambassador in their local area. This informal conver…

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