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How many Human Ecology students apply Early Decision?

The number of applicants for early decision changes each year, and we are unable to predict the number of applications we will receive. On average, a third of our enrolling first-year students are admitted through Early Decision.

Can international students apply under the early decision plan?

The Cornell application process is the same for international students as it is for prospective students in the United States. International first-year applicants are welcome to apply under the early decision plan (deadline November 1) or the regular decision plan (deadline January 2). Please be sure to review the…

Are first quarter grades required for early decision applicants to Cornell University?

As an early decision applicant, first quarter grades and the Midyear Report are not required and will not appear on your application checklist. Once your first quarter and/or midyear grades are available, you are welcome to ask your school counselor to submit them to Cornell. Although not required, they may be helpfu…

Does Cornell have early decision?

First-year applicants to Cornell have a choice of applying for  either  the early decision  or  regular decision admission plan. Students should consider applying under the early decision plan if Cornell is their first choice of schools to attend. Early decision applications are reviewed in the fall, and students are…

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