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As an admitted student, where do I indicate where I want to live?

As an enrolling student, you will not rank residence halls by preference, but you will specify whether you want to live in a program house or residence hall and indicate **room type** preferences. Housing staff will assign the residence hall taking into consideration the preferences you indicate.

As an admitted student, how do I sign up for housing?

After you submit your enrollment deposit and receive your Cornell NetID, you can sign up for housing through the Housing Portal. The deadline is **Sunday, May 15, 2022**. More information will be coming from our Housing Office, so please be sure to check your email. Housing is guaranteed for first-year students.

How much are housing and dining plans?

Living on campus means being part of a friendly, diverse community, full of experiences and opportunities that expand far beyond your residence. This is one reason why nearly all first-year undergraduate students live in on-campus housing, and more than 800 graduate and professional students and their families choose …

How does financial aid change when I live off campus?

**Financial Aid for Living Off-Campus** The [cost of attendance][1] includes an allowance for housing equal to a standard double room on campus, regardless of whether a student receiving aid lives on campus. Your aid will not be any different whether you live on or off-campus. The major difference when living off-cam…

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