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What kind of support is available to Cornell students?

Most students, regardless where they go to school, will experience some adjustment challenges. It is normal to feel some home sickness as you get settled in a new place and build your community. It is also natural for students to go through an adjustment period as they work through new academic rigors. Cornell encour…

Is there a gym on campus?

There are five fitness centers located around the Cornell campus offering an extensive array of cardio and weight equipment and dozens of group exercise classes throughout the year. To learn more, please visit Cornell's  Recreation & Sports  website.

Is there a health center on campus?

To support a healthy community, Cornell Health  is conveniently located on campus. This comprehensive healthcare facility is available to students any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Students can call Cornell Health to talk with a health care provider about a mental or physical health concern, or to make an a…

Where can I find information about athletics at Cornell?

Cornell has a lot to offer when it comes to fitness and athletics. The university fields 37 varsity teams, one of the largest intramural sports programs in the country, and the most comprehensive collegiate outdoor education program in the country. Students have access to four fitness centers on campus as well. To…

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