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I have already completed two years or more at my primary institution. Can I still apply to transfer to the College of Human Ecology?

The College of Human Ecology does not typically work with transfers who would be entering as second semester juniors or have more advanced standing. Students can transfer in a maximum of 60 credits towards the degree requirements, and we require that at least 60 credits be completed at Cornell University. Students ca…

How do I know what courses will transfer to the College of Human Ecology?

The College of Human Ecology does not offer formal credit evaluations prior to a student’s acceptance. Our applicants should have completed, or have in progress at the time of their application, our [Required Preparatory Coursework][1]. Coursework must be taken at an accredited institution that can also be able to pro…

Does the College of Engineering admit transfer students from two-year colleges?

The College of Engineering accepts transfer applicants from both two- and four-year schools. What is important is the rigor of the engineering curriculum at the institution a student is attending, grade performance, and how closely the coursework corresponds to the required engineering courses at Cornell.

I am considering transferring to The Dyson School. Where do I get more information?

Details on eligibility, requirements, how to apply, and more, please visit [our website][1]. [1]:

Are course descriptions a required part of the Engineering transfer application?

The content and rigor of the college-level courses a student has taken, or is currently taking, is critical to their ability to transition seamlessly into Cornell Engineering programs. For this reason, ALL prospective transfer applicants MUST submit course descriptions for each college-level course they have taken, or…

Can I email the Engineering Admissions Office my courses and get them pre-approved for transfer?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications the College of Engineering receives, and the specific nature of each department's curriculum, we cannot pre-evaluate any coursework for transfer credit. Prospective applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the major-specific [Cornell Engineering course requirement…

What are the course requirements to apply as a transfer student to the College of Engineering?

Course requirements will vary by each engineering major and depend on the appropriate class standing level consistent with the amount of coursework completed at the time the student begins at Cornell. To gain a clear sense of the major-specific course requirements, please review the documents on the [Transfer Requirem…

Do Engineering transfer students get to choose if they are applying for sophomore or junior standing?

Transfer applicants do not apply specifically for sophomore or junior year standing. Instead, engineering faculty and staff carefully review and evaluate each transfer candidate’s courses, credits, and standing during the admissions review process. Admitted transfer students will be notified of their standing in their…

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