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Is there a separate application process for adult students and veterans?

Adult students and veterans don’t apply for undergraduate admission through a separate pathway at Cornell. Depending on their academic history, they follow the traditional pathway for [first-year][1] (never matriculated at a college and earned fewer than 12 credits after high school) or [transfer][2] applicants. We re…

I am currently attending an institution that is on the quarter system. How does that affect my application?

CALS semester system awards transfer credit for quarter system credits by calculating .67 credits per credit of study at an institution on the quarter system. A 5-credit quarter system course is equivalent to a 3-credit semester course. Students required to complete a full-year of biology with labs and/or chemistry I …

I am considering transferring to the Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration. Where do I get more information?

Details on eligibility, requirements, how to apply, and more, please visit our [transfer website][1]. [1]:

How does CALS evaluate transfer applications?

We conduct a holistic admissions process for all applicants. During our review, we are considering whether candidates have the academic backgrounds (rigor, coursework and grades) to be successful at Cornell CALS; whether the personal attributes and extracurricular experiences shared demonstrate a solid connection with…

If I receive AP, transfer, or credit by examination from my current institution, will that automatically transfer to the College of Engineering?

AP, transfer, or credit by examination awarded by other colleges and universities will NOT be automatically accepted by the College of Engineering. The College of Engineering has specific standards that will be used to evaluate transfer credit. For complete information about testing standards in the College of Enginee…

Does the College of Engineering admit transfer students from two-year colleges?

The College of Engineering accepts transfer applicants from both two- and four-year schools. What is important is the rigor of the engineering curriculum at the institution a student is attending, grade performance, and how closely the coursework corresponds to the required engineering courses at Cornell.

What are the course requirements to apply as a transfer student to the College of Engineering?

Course requirements will vary by each engineering major and also depend on the appropriate class standing level consistent with the amount of coursework completed at the time the student begins at Cornell. To gain a clear sense of the major-specific course requirements, please review the documents on the [Transfer Req…

Does Cornell offer a fee waiver for veterans?

Cornell provides application fee waivers for veterans and current members of the military upon request. Please email [[email protected]][1] to request an application fee waiver. Note—do not pay the application fee if requesting a waiver, as the fee is non-refundable. [1]: mailto:[email protected]

Does the Engineering College require any standardized test scores of transfer applicants?

For transfer applicants, the submission of SAT or ACT exam scores is voluntary; the College of Engineering does not require transfer applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores. If a transfer applicant has not previously completed either the SAT or ACT exams, they should _not_ take the exams in order to apply for transfer …

I am considering transferring to The Dyson School. Where do I get more information?

Details on eligibility, requirements, how to apply, and more, please visit our [transfer website][1]. [1]:

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