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What is the focus of the College of Arts and Sciences?
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The College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) is the liberal arts and sciences college at Cornell and the largest of Cornell’s undergraduate colleges. With 42 majors, 60+ minors, and 2000+ courses across the disciplines, A&S offers uncommon academic diversity and the ability to double major within A&S. With up to two years before you declare a major and two-thirds of courses taken outside of your major, your educational path will be defined by structured flexibility and be guided by your own academic interests. The Arts & Sciences curriculum is designed so that you can work closely with inspiring faculty to develop the hallmark skills of a liberal arts and sciences education: the ability to read critically, write persuasively, and think broadly…while taking full advantage of the resources of a leading research university. Students choose A&S for many reasons, including the breadth of our academic programs, research opportunities, and career prospects.

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