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What are the minimum SAT/ACT scores required to be admitted to the College of Engineering?
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It is very important to note that the submission of SAT and/or ACT scores is optional for the 2024 application review period. You may review Cornell’s Standardized Testing Policy website for more information.

This is a temporary relief intended for students who had been assembling a distinguished record of achievement until the COVID-19 disruption started in their country, region, or school, and who continue to seek the higher education opportunities toward which their efforts had been directed.

For first-year applicants who elect to submit their test scores, the College of Engineering does not require specific standardized test scores, understanding that they are only one measurement of an applicant's preparation and aptitude. Engineering admissions committees review a wide range of application material within a holistic review process. Important components of the application include, but are not limited to, grades, rigor of high school curriculum, quality and depth of writing, teacher evaluations, secondary school report, guidance or college counselor letters, interest in engineering, and knowledge of Cornell and the College of Engineering, and an assessment of how individual applicants fit into the Cornell and Cornell Engineering communities based upon their lived experiences.

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