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Why are architecture, art and planning all in the same college?
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In a recent communication from AAP’s dean, Meejin Yoon, she writes, “Scholarship that creates new knowledge, research that enables innovations, art that prompts new questions, and design that constructs new possibilities, architecture, art, and planning are not only relevant, but crucial to shaping and addressing many of the significant challenges of our times.” We prepare our graduates for their role as, first and foremost, world citizens in a diverse society; but also, their roles in addressing the complex problems of the 21st century. They have a unique opportunity to address these problems through the application of the art and science of design. For our students to be able to do this, the college is providing rigorous theoretical training and studio experiences. We’re encouraging imagination, technical creativity, critical thinking, a sense of history, and the development of a social, ethical, and artistic perspective. 

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