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Why have I not received my financial aid offer?
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Please be sure to check that your financial aid application requirements are complete by logging into your Cornell Financial Aid To-Do List. Anything listed as “initiated” has not been received by the Office of Financial Aid. Please continue to monitor your To-Do List to be sure all items drop from this list 5-7 business days after your submission. If there are any new or outstanding items on your To-Do List, please complete all items until your To-Do List is empty.

As the February 15th financial aid application deadline has passed, the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment will review recently completed applications in the order of date of completion. Please monitor the emails provided on your FAFSA or admissions application (including your spam filters) for communications that may have come from a Financial Aid counselor requesting additional information. 

At this time of the year, it may take 10 business days after the completion and submission of all required app materials to begin to review of your financial aid application.

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