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Can I appeal my financial aid offer?
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Cornell University releases financial aid offers that best reflect the information submitted in the financial aid application. If the information you provided in your financial aid application has changed or if the information was submitted incorrectly, you may submit an appeal.  Please be prepared to provide documentation that supports your request. The financial aid appeals FAQ is available as an additional resource for students and families regarding financial aid appeals.


Examples of circumstances we might consider include:

  • Significant loss of income due to termination or change in employment – circumstances and duration of the period of unemployment may be considered
  • Unexpected life event
  • High medical, educational, or family expenses
  • Correction to income information reported on financial aid application

If you received a need-based financial aid offer from another Ivy League institution, Stanford, Duke, or MIT, we will strive to calculate the same eligibility based on the information provided. The components that we will evaluate are the parent contribution, student contribution, and initial offers of loan and work.


Note: we are unable to consider appeals based on circumstances that include but are not limited to:

  • High consumer debt
  • Personal Expenses (annual living expenses, pets, cars, housekeepers, vacations, sports, etc.)
  • Fraternity or Sorority expenses
  • Expenses that have not yet occurred
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