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How do I check my Financial Aid To Do List?
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Go to and click on “Apply for Aid” for a complete list of items needed to apply for aid.


  1. Check that your financial aid application requirements are complete by logging into your Cornell Financial Aid To-Do List. Anything listed as “initiated” has not been received by the Office of Financial Aid. Please continue to monitor your To-Do List to be sure all items drop from this list 5-7 business days after your submission. If there are any new or outstanding items on your To-Do List, please complete all items until your To-Do List is empty. Monitor the emails provided on your FAFSA or admissions application (including your spam filters) for communications that may have come from a Financial Aid counselor requesting additional information.
  2. Complete your 2021–2022 FAFSA online at Cornell’s college code is 002711. If you are selected for federal verification, complete these requirements and submit with your IDOC materials.
  3. Complete your CSS PROFILE (and Noncustodial PROFILE, if applicable) online at Cornell’s college code is 2098.
  4. Cornell uses the College Board’s IDOC service to process aid application materials. Log in to, complete the requested family information and follow submission instructions.
  5. The following materials should be submitted to IDOC:
    1. 2019 Federal Tax Returns (for all parents) included W2s and Schedules that were filed with the return
    2. Federal Verification Documents (if selected for federal verification)
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