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Can I be pre-law in the College of Arts and Sciences?
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Cornell does not have a "pre-law” major or track, rather students in the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) find that their liberal arts and sciences education offers strong preparation for a career in law as they are exposed to a broad base of knowledge while honing critical thinking, creative, and analytical skills.

Students interested in pursuing law often decide to pursue the Government major in A&S, but they may also decide on any other major in the College while still preparing for law school. A&S students interested in pre-law are connected to multiple resources including our pre-law Advisor in Career Development, Law and Society minor, and Cornell in Washington academic and internship program.

A&S students have an excellent track record of applying to law school. Students interested in applying to law school may also wish to explore Cornell Law School's 3+3 Pathway

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