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How does financial aid change when I live off campus?
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Financial Aid for Living Off-Campus


The cost of attendance includes an allowance for housing equal to a standard double room on campus, regardless of whether a student receiving aid lives on campus. Your aid will not be any different whether you live on or off-campus. The major difference when living off-campus is the charge for housing does not appear on the bursar bill. Students who receive financial aid and live off-campus will essentially have two bills: the Cornell bursar account and the landlord’s bill.


If a student's financial aid credits exceed their charges, the student would receive a refund from the Office of the Bursar to assist with housing expenses.


We encourage students to have good financial management skills when they decide to move off-campus, like creating and sticking to a budget. Personal finance information specific to Cornell students can be found here. More information on off-campus living and financial and packages can be found here.


Additional information can be found on the Off-Campus Housing website.

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