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How do I check the status of my financial aid application?
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Checking the Status of a Financial Aid Application


Please see the information below to review answers based on your area of study at Cornell University.


Undergraduate Students


A student or applicant can view the status of their financial aid application by reviewing their Financial Aid To Do List. If any items are listed on the Financial Aid To Do List, the application for aid is incomplete.


Students should review the To Do List throughout the academic year to make sure there are no outstanding obligations. A status of "Initiated" or "Ordered" means that the item is currently incomplete. If you have recently submitted materials, it may take a few business days for the item status to change. When an item has been completed, it will drop off the To Do List.


Graduate Students


Graduate students with questions about Cornell assistantship or fellowship awards should contact the field to which they were admitted. Graduate students who submit the Graduate Federal Loan Request form in May will have pending aid by the time the first bill is issued in July. Graduate students are notified via postal mail when the loan has been processed.


Professional Students


Please refer to your specific school’s financial aid office:


Johnson School of Management Financial Aid

Law School Financial Aid

College of Veterinary Medicine Financial Aid

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