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How is the student contribution calculated?
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Student Contribution


The student contribution is a combination of a Summer Savings Expectation (SSE) and a Student Contribution from Assets (SCA). The SSE is the amount Cornell expects the student to contribute towards their academic year expenses from working during the summer before the academic year. The SCA is a 25% contribution of the assets held in the student's name that were not earned or saved by the student or their parents. In subsequent years, the student will be expected to contribute the same amount, as long as his or her assets do not increase.


The student contribution will not be billed directly to the student; rather, it is money that the student will need to purchase transportation to Cornell, textbooks and supplies, and personal items. The student should plan to need half of their total student contribution each semester.


If the student is unable to earn and save over the summer as expected, he or she may request a loan to cover the amount through the Undergraduate Student Loan Request Form. If the Cornell Grant was reduced because of an outside scholarship, some of the grant may be reinstated toward the Summer Savings Expectation. 

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