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I left high school early and enrolled in an early college program. Will Cornell take those credits?

An applicant may apply to Cornell as a transfer student if they have graduated from high school or received a GED, **and** have earned twelve or more credits at another college or university since then. Typically, this means that credits earned in an early college program will count only toward the student's high scho…

How do I apply as a graduate student?

Please contact the [Graduate School][1] (607.255.5820 or [[email protected]][2]) for information about applying for admission to Cornell’s graduate programs. [1]: [2]: mailto:[email protected]

How do I apply?

First-year and transfer students can apply via the [Common Application][1], which can be completed and submitted online. Cornell also requires a Writing Supplement. The Cornell undergraduate college or school a student applies to **may** have additional requirements, such as a portfolio or a design submission. Before …

When will the application be available?

Cornell uses the [Common Application (CA)][1], which can be completed and submitted online beginning on August 1 each year. We encourage applicants to review the [How to Apply][2] website as they prepare to apply to Cornell. [1]: [2]:

Can I apply to Cornell using the Coalition Application?

Cornell University does not accept the Coalition Application. Prospective students may use the [Common Application][1] to apply for admission. [1]:

Who should complete the College Report?

Transfer applicants must ensure that a dean, registrar, advisor, or other college official with access to their academic and disciplinary records completes and submits the College Report Form to Cornell. Applicants access the College Report form through their online Common Application account. Applicants should print…

How do I re-apply?

**First-year** applicants who were denied admission in either the early decision or regular decision cycles may re-apply as first-year students if they have taken a gap year and have not enrolled full-time at another school or institution. **First-year** applicants who were denied admission in either the early decis…

How do I correct an error on my application?

If a student detects an error in their application after it has been submitted, they can write a brief statement explaining the error and providing the corrected information. Applicants can then upload this statement via the Supplemental Materials section of their online [application status page][1]. The statement wil…

When should I apply to Cornell as a transfer?

Cornell accepts transfer students who have completed two, three, and even four semesters at another college or university and does not encourage applications from students currently in their first college semester. Candidates are encouraged to apply when they feel they have a strong application and should follow the g…

How do I submit transcripts, recommendations, documents, and reports?

In addition to the college application, **first-year applicants **must ensure that the following required documents are submitted on their behalf. The following official forms can be found and submitted online through the [Common Application ][1]according to the instructions provided. **School Report and Transcript *…

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