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What resources does Cornell offer for students' mental health?

Cornell has a strong commitment to mental health. We work to cultivate a caring community in which individuals are encouraged to intervene on another’s behalf and to ask for help when they need it ([][1]). Learn more about some of the mental health initiatives on campus: [https://he…

Are in-person campus visits available to admitted students?

To protect and prioritize the health and safety of our community, Undergraduate Admissions is still working remotely and the campus is still closed to visitors through at least May 31. The most up to date information is, and will be, provided here: [][1]. Please keep an eye on your e…

What kind of support is available to Cornell students?

Most students, regardless where they go to school, will experience some adjustment challenges. It is normal to feel some home sickness as you get settled in a new place and build your community. It is also natural for students to go through an adjustment period as they work through new academic rigors. Cornell encoura…

As an admitted student, where do I indicate where I want to live?

As an enrolling student, you will not rank residence halls by preference, but you will specify whether you want to live in a program house or residence hall and indicate **room type** preferences. Housing staff will assign the residence hall taking into consideration the preferences you indicate.

Can admitted students meet with professors individually?

To protect and prioritize the health and safety of our community, many professors are still working remotely and the campus is still closed to visitors through at least May 31. We encourage new students to connect with their college community through CUontheHill.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are Cornell University’s plans for the Fall 2021 semester?

Cornell intends to require vaccination for students returning to the Ithaca, Geneva, and Cornell Tech campuses for the fall semester. Medical and religious exemptions will be accommodated, but the expectation will be that our campuses and classrooms will overwhelmingly consist of vaccinated individuals, greatly reduci…

What services are available for students with disabilities?

Cornell is committed to equality of educational opportunity for all students. [Cornell's Student Disability Services (SDS)][1] office facilitates services and accommodations so that Cornell students with disabilities enjoy the same exceptional opportunities as their peers, with the greatest degree of independence poss…

How do I view my Financial Aid decision?

If you have been notified that your financial aid decision is available for online viewing, you can access that information here: [][1]. [1]:

Where can I find more information about financial aid for admitted students?

Some of the most frequently asked questions specific to financial aid for admitted students, along with answers, can be found in the [Financial Aid for Admitted Students 2021 section][1] of our FAQ page. Additional financial aid information is available in the general [Financial Aid section][2]. [1]: https://corne…

As an admitted student, how do I sign up for housing?

After you submit your enrollment deposit and receive your Cornell NetID, you can sign up for housing through the Housing Portal. The deadline is **Sunday, May 16, 2021**. More information will be coming from our Housing Office, so please be sure to check your email. Housing is guaranteed for first-year students.

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